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Frozen lake

The lake has been gradually freezing over for the past three days.  We got a little fresh snow overnight, so all the ice is white now.  It’s not quite frozen all the way across, and the weather is supposed to gradually warm over the next few days, so this may be the largest expanse of ice here for this cold spell.  We haven’t gotten more than a little token ice in the shallow patches for a few years now.

Garden lizard

Even the garden lizard is getting cold.

Blue yarn

And here’s the final yarn, two-ply, photographed on a pristine, snow-covered garden table. I think it’s going into a multicolored sweater for my cousin’s baby, due in May.


I’m plunging back into fiber dyeing and spinning.  Here’s a bobbinful of superwash merino, dyed with Jacquard acid dyes (it’s not scary, the acid is household vinegar), by a method put forth in The Twisted Sister’s Sock Workbook.

We get a lot of winter vistors on the lake. There seems to be more variety on snowy days. Today, for example, I saw a beautiful pair of Hooded Mergansers, along with the usual buffleheads, coots, and mallards. A bald eagle in a tree completed the scene.

Otter footprint

Whose footprints are these?  One of  these guys below!

River Otters

I live on a small lake in the suburbs of Seattle.  I see lots of water birds, the occasional bald eagle, but this is first time I’ve seen river otters.  There’s a total of four — one’s underwater in this picture. I think the recent snow and ice prompted them to go adventuring and they ended up here.  It’s great fun to see them, but I hope they find their way back to a wilder place.