Prompted by the January 2007 episode of WeaveCast  which challenged everyone to make a Weaving Resolution,  I said, “Do something with fiber arts every day . . . oh, yeah, and working from the stash is good, too.” So far, I’ve been fulfilling that resolution. Knitting is great for something I can just pick up and do for a few minutes. Yesterday afternoon was drawing to a close when I  picked up the current project for the first time that day, a knitted purse. I was working on the shoulder strap, a nifty piece of I-cord that is 8 stitiches wide. I finished one row, and thought, “Does this count?” Of course, 8 stitches is better than none! The purse is entirely worked from stash, and leftovers from other projects, at that. Many stash reduction points here. And, I had enough time in little snippets that by the end of the evening, I’d completed the strap and need only to figure out 3-needle bind-off to attach it to the body of the purse!

This year I’ve also done a little spinning, finished a baby sweater and a washcloth, made progress on the Lace Scarf From Hell (actually, the pattern is okay,  the yarn is the problem) and done a sample for a future weaving.  Pretty good for 5 weeks into 2007!

I came across this at the Wendy Knits blog, with rules for a Working From the Stash Challenge. I love it! I especially love the exceptions 🙂 I’m adding another exception for weavers, which is: If you are planning a weaving project and need to buy either warp or weft yarn, it’s okay, as long as the yarn used for the other direction comes from stash.

Have you made a Fiber Resolution? It’s not too late!

Off to conquer my purse strap  . . .