The Great Unwashed
As I mentioned the other day, I started a knitted purse. It’s now done, and making its shopping debut this afternoon. Made entirely of stash, and not just mine! My cousin, a fine pianist and piano teacher, came to the realization that she could either play piano or knit, but not both. Wisely choosing piano, she gave me all of her stash, and some of that (the pink yarn) has been incorporated into the purse. 

Note the cat.  No matter how invitingly I laid out the purse, she wouldn’t pose winningly on it.  This is the best I could get, one little tabby foot. (Hmm.  On later inspection, I see that the cat’s foot got cut off by the uploading process.  Take my word for it, there is a cat, and she still has all four feet.)

About 20 minutes of washing brought it to fine, felty goodness, below.

Finished purse

I’ve found that presoaking the to-be-felted article in hot soapy water helps cut down on the washing time.  I just put it in the laundry sink, cover generously with hot water and a splash of liquid soap, and cover the sink with a towel to keep the heat in.

Details: The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Bulky, and the pattern is Old Faithful from Cultured Purl.