Pink! and Green!

At last!  Weaving Works finally got more superwash merino roving in stock, so I pulled out the stock solutions and started dyeing the roving for the new baby sweater project. It’s going to be very colorful — this is just one colorway.  Using the cold pour method from The Twisted Sister’s Sock Book, I poured and puddled to my heart’s content.  Note the little blob of fleece in the upper right of the picture. [Hmm. After the Save process, not much of it shows. You’ll get a better look tomorrow.]  I’ve started using a small piece of  roving to clean up any drips and drops of color, and it’s a lovely way to both keep the work area clean and also get some very nice, softly colored roving.

 After making my nice little bundles of dyed roving-sprayed with vinegar-wrapped in clingwrap, it’s off to the dedicated dyepot for 20 minutes of steaming.  Then comes the hard part:

Let sleeping pots lie

For best results, you should  let the roving slowly come back to room temperature, which means letting it sit overnight. So be patient, already!