My husband, Greg,  and I were invited to a wine tasting Saturday, a release party for the 2004 vintage from Nota Bene Cellars. Mingling with a roomful of strangers, chatting and sipping very good wine, I spotted a really cool felted purse on the arm of another lady. Eventually the flow of the room brought us together. “Did you make your purse?” I asked. “Why, yes, and did you make yours?” Since I was carrying this, of course the answer was yes.  Hers was from a pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting, a nifty little handbag with a very cute rolled edge — perhaps it was the Buttonhole Purse from the blog?  Anyway, after marveling about the wonders of the Internet and the ways people can connect, we went for a taste of the 2002 Syrah — great stuff.