Whey not?
I went down to Seattle today to meet Susan  for lunch — she’s a fellow member of  The Gunroom, and also a Whipstick Knitter. Having a little time to kill before our lunch,  I went over to Pike Place Market, and stopped at Beecher’s Cheese to replenish the larder a bit. It was the first time I’d been there when they were making cheese.   The blurry, through the window, picture above shows just a section of a vast oval vat, one of two that was being stirred to create curds. The hip young thing behind the counter asked me what is becoming The Usual Question: “Did you knit that purse?” She went on to explain that she’d just taught herself to knit, but hadn’t tried felting yet. I gave her a couple of tips and told her about Knitty, but she was already in the know.

Susan wielding sticks

I met Susan at Wild Ginger, and passed on some yarn for her to use in an ongoing charity project of hers, knitting wee blankets for kittens brought to animal shelters. Appropriately enough, we both ate with chopsticks, expertly wielded.

A quick return to Pike Place Market yielded some roasted fennel ravioli and a sourdough ficelle from DeLaurenti and South African Boerewors from Uli’s Famous Sausage, all of which should make a tasty dinner.  The harissa from Market Spice will be for another day.