Here’s my little cousin Anneke, happily waving to the camera, while wearing the sweater I made her.  It’s superwash Merino, handspun, and dyed with double-strength  Jacquard Acid Dye in Violet.  It  looks very blue in this photo, but it is really a vivid purple.  I started working on it when I first visited her at about age 3 weeks, and managed to get the finished sweater to her a little late for her first birthday.  But, it did fit, and even had some room to grow in.  I spun the yarn for the pink after the sweater was done, thinking, Oh, I’ll just need a few yards — how much yarn could a row of single crochet possibly need?  Ha!   After going mostly around the outer edge of the body and seeing the yarn disappearing at an alarming rate, I was muttering about needing to make more, the dye would never match, mutter mutter, but I kept on  going to the sleeves. There was just enough, with 6 inches to spare.  Whew!