Home grown hat

This is definitely the year of baby garments!  This wee hat is for Anneke’s cousin-to-be, due in May. Lest there be some confusion about just who is having the Happy Event, it’s my cousin, Anneke’s aunt. So many cousins! The cotton/nylon yarn is Tara, the color is 015 — isn’t that evocative? Let’s call it Butter Yellow. The pattern is Hat from the Infant Gift Set, from The Gift Knitter: Knitting Chunky for Babies with Four Legs and Two. One skein (with a good bit left over), one day — what’s not to like?

The leftover yarn is taunting me.  Should I get a ball of another color and use the yellow for a brim for a larger hat, then switch colors?  Should I bite the bullet and get enough yellow to make the matching sweater? I’ve got 13 days til the baby shower  . . .

The amaryllis is quite amazing, isn’t it? This is the second year of bloom.  The matching one on the other side of the window only put up one flower spike, but that’s okay.  I think they’ve earned a summer on the deck, soaking up the sunshine, once we’re past the frost-free date.

The Gift Knitter is also the source for the pattern for Anneke’s sweater — that one is Chunky Jacket, modified to an 18 month size.