Socks of the evening, beautiful socks 

As promised,  here are the finished socks,  the Bordello Sock from Fleece Artist in the fabulous Sea Wool yarn.  Colorway is maybe Pinata, but as the cogniscenti know, Fleece Artist doesn’t put colorway names on the bands.  If I were naming it, it would be Easter Egg.  The pattern comes with the yarn, and it is simple and works up quickly with great results.  Top down, and one these socks has a rather poor Kitchnered toe, the other a somewhat better one.  It’s my little secret.

I’ve discovered a great way to avoid Second Sock Syndrome.  Start the second sock when you are in the white heat of lust with a pattern — in this case I was not quite to the heel on the first sock when I started the second, also bringing it to about that point.  Finished the first, finished the second, and Bob’s your uncle.  Two weeks start to finish, which is great for me and socks!

 Is is just me . . .?

Here’s a closer look.  They’ve got a zig-zag top, a slip stitch heel flap, and double decrease toes.  But, do you notice anything else?  The colors, a bit different? One is knitted from the outside of the yarn cake in, the other from the inside out, so from both ends of the skein.  One end is much more brightly colored, with a lot more bright pink (top sock).  The other is paler, with more blue-purple.  The vaguaries of hand-dyeing, I suppose.  They are still beautful, with a great feel to them.  Whenever I tell people they are 30% seaweed, they inevitably smell them, but there is no smell.

There’s a nice bit left over — perhaps enough for a Wiggles Sock?  The difference in yarn weight would turn it into a toddler sock, maybe.