Working the phones

I’ll tell you, this NY media business is heady stuff!  Here’s Greg talking with the publicist on the cell phone, and also the publisher on the hotel phone.  “Hold on, I’ll get right back with you . . .”

To continue the story: Rested, fed and refreshed, we went downstairs to meet Jennifer Richards, who shall hereafter be referred to as Jen the Wonder Publicist.  The car from Comedy Central (which we thought of as the Lincoln Clown Car) was already waiting, and supposed to leave at 5:20 to take us to the studio.  No sign of Jen on the sidewalk, or in the lobby, so at 5:15 we headed to the car.  As we were partway down the weird chartreuse escalator a voice called out to Greg, and it was Jen, with someone else in tow. As we descended introductions were performed and her companion was introduced as Yeardly Smith, which neither of us picked up on at the time, but Jen later told us we had just met the voice of Lisa Simpson!  Jen will be representing Yeardly in connection with a children’s book she has written.

Going for a ride

Here we are getting in the car, and that’s Jen the Wonder Publicist holding the sock.

We were were whisked away to a very anonymous looking building on the West Side. A staffer met us at the door and deposited us in a comfortable green room for while.

 Comfortable green room

Greg was taken off for make-up, and the producer came in to ask a few more questions and alert Greg that they might play a couple of clips from silly SF movies as part of his intro.  Jon Stewart stopped by for about 2 minutes, and we got a couple of things signed.  It didn’t seem right to wave a sock in his face, so it rested quietly in the bag.

 Brilliant book!

The producer popped in to say that the feed from the show would be on the TV in the room, and Greg would be in the third segment.  The show started up, and Greg was whisked away when the second commercial break occurred.  Jen and I watched from the green room, and were amazed, amazed! at how well it went, and how much of a focus there was on Quantico.  She said, “Well, I guess I earned my dinner for tonight,”and I said, “Hey, you can probably order oysters and champagne!” (We were meeting the publisher for dinner afterwards).  Greg returned, we watched the moment of Zen, then back into the car for the trip to the Beacon Restaurant .

Talk about your celebratory mood!  Roger Cooper, the publisher, and Richard Curtis, Greg’s agent, got the blow by blow description of events, and silly cocktails (roasted pineapple mojito for me) and fine dining (lobster soup, seared ahi tuna, warm ricotta almond cake with roasted peaches and blueberries) followed. We walked back to the hotel in a light rain — as Seattleites we said “No, thanks” to the person who was selling $5. umbrellas.  New York is amazing; when an economic niche appers, someone is there to fill it.  Jen gifted me with some lovely novelty yarn from her hometown of PIttsburgh.

.Soft fuzzy goodness

It’s a fabulous blend of mohair curls, wool, and fine rayon to hold it all together. I’m thinking of making a woven boa, like this, only with a continuous length of yarn, rather than cutting the ends for each row. Jen also said that she is representing Laurie Perry, AKA Crazy Aunt Purl for her upcoming book Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair , which, if it’s anything like her blog, will be hilarious, touching, and good for your soul. With Jen the Wonder Publicist at work, I predict this book will do well.

Friday morning we met Richard for breakfast and he took us to the  Brooklyn Diner, a somewhat fancy new deli-inspired restaurant.  I had the classic lox/bagel/creamcheese, and was very happy.  We had a couple of hours left before we had to catch a taxi for the airport, and on Richard’s recommendation walked across the southern edge of Central Park, then turned north on Madison Avenue, where the shops are the epitome of wretched excess.  We strolled past expensive  shops — Jimmy Choo was having a sale, but my suitcase was full of yarn — and got invited by one of the beefy guards in a jewelry shop to enter the sacred sanctum, a beautifully lit emporium for sleek Italian designs, lightly touched with incense.  Later, I was stopped in my tracks by this:

Be afraid, be very afraid

When good yarn goes bad.  What were they thinking? Is there anything besides a size 4 mannequin that that would look good on? And two pounds or so of wool for a summer dress?  Get real!

We then headed back to the hotel to check out, deposited the bags with the bellman, and walked north on the west side of the park, passing Lincoln Center and seeing the lovely buildings stretching away into the distance.  So much to see, so little time!  A taxi, a long flight, and so to bed.