I’m very happy to have received a small shipment of yarn from my undyed yarn supplier, Jennifer at vanCalcar Acres Sheep Farm.  She will be getting a large shipment shortly, but got me some small skeins to play with now, because I couldn’t wait. The problem was that the cones these small skeins come from had knots a little too often, so a 400 yarn unbroken skein was an impossibility.  But, now I can play with the colors and see what happens, plus have some good samples with the actual yarn to take to the LYS to tempt them with. Jennifer, by the way, is a marvelously generous person not only for agreeing to sell me undyed yarn, but for giving me practical tips on dyeing.  Thank you, Jennifer! You are a Fiber Goddess!

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Group shot

And here are some closeups:

The blues

“Well, I never felt more like singing the blues . . .”

Grapey goodness

“Purple haze, all in my eyes . . .”

Reds and pinks

“Heyo, get your watermelon . . .”

Riot of color

Two suns in the sunset . . .”

My, it’s green!

“It’s not easy being green . . .”

The bits of lyrics won’t be part of the final color names, but it’s fun to see how many color-related lyrics are out there.  I hope you like these yarns!