Not knowing when the next 50% off coupon might come from, and needing a cranking swift pretty soon now (as soon as the new yarn is delivered, and Jennifer is able to ship off my order), and having researched enough on the Internet to know what the regular price should be, about, and needing to go down to Seattle anyway to stop at Scarecrow Video with my daughter to pick up some Doctor Who DVDs for the marathon viewing and sleepover she has planned with some friends, I checked with Weaving Works to see if they carried the type of swift I wanted, and they did, for the very fair price of $45. Sometimes, bricks-and-mortar is just right. So off we went, and now I’m the proud owner of what the Japanese manufacturer calls

Now I am invincible

Well, gosh, with that, what more could one need?

Then, off to my appointment with Marie at Main Street Yarn to see if she’d like to order some yarn, and sure enough, she did! Three skeins each of eight colorways, and I am very pleased.  She also gave me some good tips about how yarn shops buy yarn and some marketing strategies. Thank you, Marie!  And should any of you be passing through the Mill Creek, Washington, area, do stop in at the shop.  Not only is it the yarn shop closest to me, but it’s a 2007 People’s Pick Finalist for “Best Knitting, Sewing, or Crafts Shop.”