Visitors are grand, but they do cut into the available blogging time.  Our dear friends Dave and Diane were visiting, and much fun was had.

Diane got some yarn for a scarf for her mom, and I helped her with the cast-on, Diane being a bit new to all this.

The joy of yarn

A trip was made to Serious Pie

Pie man

Pizza was traded

I”ll trade you arugula pesto for zucchini and anchovy

Diane experienced the All-Powerful Reeling Machine

Big wheel keep on turning

We made a trip to the Bellevue Botanical Garden — this trellis? Woven; no nails, string, or glue.

Woven trellis

Pictures were taken

Still life with water droplets

The elusive Camera-Toting Gents were spotted in the perennial border

Camera bearing gents emerge

and we managed to lull them into displaying their characteristic behavior.

Camera-bearing gents grow bold

There were even a few late-season roses.

Lo, how a rose e’er blooming

Those colors would make a nice sock yarn, don’t you think?