The other day I checked my fig tree to see how the the ripening process was going.  Last year I upgraded it from from fig stick, which it was for many years, as it managed to put out about 4 figs.  This year it’s coming along nicely, and will perhaps triple production. Imagine my shock when I saw that I wasn’t the first to harvest this year:

 Someone’s been eating my figs

That branch is only about a foot from the ground, so any number of creatures could have eaten them, but I’m betting it was raccoons.  However, I did manage to get  7 very ripe figs.  Not a lot, but by adding a small apple there was just enough for a half recipe of Super Fig Tart.

Figgy tart

The crust has cheddar cheese in it, and would be quite nice with apples only, I’m sure. That less-than-perfect lattice job?  We calls that rustic.