Here are the results from the overdyeing. It’s kind of like opening presents, when I get to unwrap and rinse off yarn that’s been resting overnight!

For some reason, this skein was very hard to photograph showing the variegation and true colors.  Untwisting it a bit and putting it in natural light helped some.  I’m calling it Strawberry Smoothie, and there is only this skein.

All untwisted

These photographed truer to life.  I cudgeled my brain trying to think what this reminded me of, and finally remembered:

Pile of Pickle

Presenting  . . Indian Chili Pickle!

Want pickles with that?

There are three skeins of Indian Chili Pickle.  By the way, this is not the chili pickle I usually get, but after going to three stores, I took what I could find. Patak’s Chile Pickle is more finely chopped and has a yellow to green ratio that is closer to the yarn.

These are all 400 yard skeins of the Leafy Sheep blend, 40%wool, 40% bamboo, 20% nylon,  fingering weight, just right for socks.  Because these are dyed twice they are $20 each, plus postage. Contact me via the comments if they tickle your fancy!