It isn’t raining rain, you know, it’s raining cyclamen

These little beauties bloom every September once the weather cools a bit.  Usually it’s after the first late summer rain, but this year the flowers unfolded into dryness, the cooler weather coming a bit before the rains. They are hardy cyclamen and I’ve had them in ground for several years. The leaves are out in the spring and summer, then die back, so the flowers emerge from bare ground.

Today there’s a steady rain, and they are soaking it up happily.  I think these are probably Cyclamen hederifolium, and I have another patch of C. coum that bloom in January, their bright pink flowers sometimes poking through a dusting of snow.

In yarny news, the new supply of superwash blend has arrived at Jennifer’s, so I should have my shipment in a week or so. She was nice enough to say my good thoughts helped the truck arrive safely at her place — by the way, do check out the lovely colors she’s coming up with! I have serious lust for the Copper Pennies colorway.

And Lisa posed a problem on her blog which I miraculously managed to solve, so I’ve built up lots of good Internet karma this weekend. I do loves me a nice ping-back.