I saw this over at Chocolate Sheep — what fun! The top five quotes around here are:

1. “There’s a demon out there.” From The Right Stuff, one of my favorite movies of all time.

2. “It goes to eleven.” from Spinal Tap. Somehow Chocolate Sheep has eight quotes from it and leaves this one out! No accounting for tastes.

3. “It was Beauty killed the beast.” from the original King Kong.

4. “You’ll shoot your eye out.” from A Christmas Story.

5. “And your little dog, too!” from The Wizard of Oz.

Just to have a little knitting content, I’m working on some socks of Regia Crazy Color # 5404, which they now seem to call Bon Bon. My skeins have been ageing in the stash for a couple of years. It is a nice yarn, it works up quickly, the colors are lovely — but I am completely spoiled with the softness, sheen, and general all-around fineness of the base yarn which is Jennifer’s FlockSock and will be my Damselfly Yarns ย Sturdy Sheep blend. And my supply is on it’s way.ย  Hurray!