As good as it looks

The grocery had scallops on special, and a nice shipment of fennel bulbs, so I got nine of one and one of the other, without any particular plans besides dinner for the next night, the scallops needing to thaw.  A quick search at yielded this recipe for Scallop and Fennel Pancakes with Mustard Sauce, and very tasty it was, too. Next time, maybe not quite so much mustard in the sauce — since there are also mustard seeds in it, that flavor was bit too pronounced. 

The pancakes were chopped fennel and herbs in an eggy batter, and would be quite nice on their own.  A neat variation I thought of for the whole dish would be to make the pancakes with your favorite sweet onion, whether it be Walla Walla Sweets, Vidalias, or Texas 1015s, and top it with smoked trout and the sauce. Or hot smoked salmon  . . .