Whew!  I’ve been setting up my Etsy store with some of bamboo blend yarn I’ve dyed, and that’s a job, let me tell you. I think I’m getting it down to less than half an hour per item to do the listings — of course there keep being interruptions like helping my daughter with her activites resume for her college application, and figuring out and installing iTunes since someone was nice enough to send us an album via iTunes, etc, etc. The normal rainy Sunday sort of thing.

Anyway, the store is now up and running, although with just a few items, as I’m still peering out the window waiting for the main supply of superwash wool yarn to arrive.  Most of them you’ve seen before, and some you’ve seen still haven’t been listed, like the Robin’s Egg skeins, but Sno-Cone, Bamboo Forest, and the Island Dreams fraternal twin skeins are new to you.  Here they are, clowning around in the photo studio while the other skeins wait patiently.

Look at us!