Quick updates only, due to Extreme Busyness:

A nice article in today’s Seattle Times about the Nordic Knitting Conference at the Nordic Heritage Museum this weekend. No, I’m not going, even though I’m a member of the museum and probably got a notice that would have allowed me to make a priority reservation. I will try to get down there to get the booklet of patterns, though.

The cat wants out.

The yarn isn’t here yet, but I won’t get frantic about lost shipments until Saturday.

I’m staffing the fundraising donut sale table at my daughter’s high school tomorrow, and it will be outside the cafeteria building, in an area they playfully call “The Breezeway.” I’m guessing this means it might be breezy. I know it’s going to be chilly and damp, and I’m pulling on my alpaca mitts and wrapping my neck in the matching scarf. (Why can’t I find the blog entry about the mitts? It’s a mystery.) (Update: here it is.)

My father-in-law is visiting, and we’ll be busy doing family things, so it’s not like I’d have time to dye sock yarn anyway. 

The traveling socks are almost done.

The cats wants in.