So there we were watching the quirky new comedy Pushing Daisies when the beefy black detective character, Emerson Cod, is sitting at his desk and pulls out his knitting!  And his desk accessories seem to include a knitted upright file holder and something else  . .  . maybe a knitted pencil cup.  And the knitting needle he keeps in his suit pocket (Spoiler Alert) saves him and the main characters from certain death. And at the end, he puts the reward money in a knitted sock-like thing (no heel) and tucks it into drawer full of similar objects.  How cool is that?!?!?!

This show is cute, bright, funny, and probably won’t be around too long, so catch it while you can.  It’s sort of a cross between Amelie, the Lemony Snicket books,  the story of Lazarus, and Philip Marlowe.  With knitting.