Lotsa odds’n’ends.

First, The Whipstick Knitters delivered our donations to the Seaman’s Church Institute on Monday. I made three of the forty-four knitted items from us that will be given to merchant seamen and women in the month of December, along with 16,000 more from other folks around the country. Yay, knitters!

The latest Traveling Socks got finished

and look how much yarn was leftover!  The pattern is Wendy’s Feather and Fan Sock, and it’s a nice, easy-to-work pattern. The yarn is Regia Crazy Color. They have since been washed, and are a wee bit big. I think I’ll scrub them down some in size , just the foot part– since they aren’t superwash, that should be doable. Washed, they aren’t as silly at the top.

I cast on for a scarf with the luscious Silk Maiden that I got in Victoria this summer. I am one of perhaps ten knitters in the country who had not made a drop-stitch scarf, so that’s what I did.


And look how much yarn was leftover! I may turn this scarf into something else someday, so I just worked those ends into the scarf without cutting them off. Do you think I should block it?

I picked the next-to-last batch of apples and made applesauce.

Hot stuff

So simple — just simmer quartered, cored apples with a little water until soft, then puree in the food processer. I ladled it into freezer bags and they’re now frozen stiff, awaiting mid-winter applesauce cravings.

I started making a costume item for the play my daughter’s in –here’s the preliminary pinning.

Mystery Object

Any ideas what it’ll be? Comment lines are now open  . . .