Eyes wide open

Saturday was a lovely brisk fall day,  sunny with a light breeze, so we decided to drive up to Bellingham, via Chuckanut Drive. We ended up in Fairhaven, the charming shopping district south of town, and found a nice yarn store, although the name of it escapes me. Anyone who knows what it is gets 10 points. I managed to not buy any yarn, but we did get two bags of books at Eclipse Books, a very nice used bookstore across the street from the yarn shop. A tasty lunch at Fool’s Onion fortified us for the trip home.

The wheels of commerce had been grinding while we were out driving, and I was delighted to discover that a compete stranger bought a skein of yarn at my Etsy Shop. And today, another complete stranger bought a scarf! This Internet thing has possibilities.

This afternoon my Ravelry invitation arrived. That is one amazing place! Being able to easily find photos of other people’s version of a pattern I might be considering is fabulous, and there are clearly umplumbed depths to the thing. I’m “Moominmama” over there, although I don’t have anything posted yet.