I’ve started the Seascape Shawl, using the alpaca I overdyed  last month, and it’s coming along well so far.

Blue blob

Here it is in the middle of row 45.  Note the handy tools that I have poked into the yarncake.  A crochet hook, because sometimes you really need one to pick up a stitch.  Or at least I do.   A safety pin:  This is a handy way to mark the  place where you forgot to do a YO and you will pick up the yarn  between two stitches and create one as you go back the other way. It works, and it’s a lot faster than tinking the row in question and reknitting it all.

Hard to see, but it’s there: a tapestry needle to run the  lifeline with.  Repeat after me: Never do lace without a lifeline!

Also there, but not very visible: the humble and hardworking stitch markers. I’ve discovered that it’s really helpful to count the stitches between the markers as often as possible, catching problems before they become embedded. So I count the just-completed pattern section to make sure I’ve done all my YOs (this is my most common mistake) and then as I come back across with the plain knit row I count it again. And when I finish a pattern section with no stitches left over or short, there is the next marker, which makes me cry out with joy, “Marker!” Very satisfying.

Throw me a lifeline  . . .