Thanksgiving is the holiday that features your yellow-orange fruits and vegetables.

Bowl o’goodness

You gotcher persimmons, yer pomegranates, yer spaghetti squash . . . wait, that’s yarn!  It’s a skein of Butternut Squash, and it’ll be in the shop soon. [Update: it’s there now, and it’s on special for $15 for today only.]The persimmons and pomegranates are going into a salad I’m bringing to the dinner we’re going to later today.  The recipe is from Alice Waters’ new cookbook The Art of Simple Food, a brilliant distillation of all the experience and knowledge she’s acquired over the years. It’s an easy recipe, just peeled sliced persimmon (of the flat, eat-out-of-hand type), topped with pomegranate seeds, then drizzled with a red wine vinaigrette dressing. But so delicious and unexpected!

I’ve gotten a serious case of WIPitis.  Can I blame Ravelry?  It’s way too much fun to find patterns, see what everyone else is doing, and plunge in on a new project.


From left, Vintage, Lisa’s fab sock pattern. Two leaves are done, and let’s not look at  them too closely, shall we?, Then, Bob, a free pattern from Mochimochiland. Bob is adorable, and will be finished today, less than 24 hours from being started. A new personal best, I think. Then, my Blue Blob, which is making slow but steady progress. Bob was supposed to be my semi-mindless knitting to take to the Thanksgiving gathering today, but I got into such a frenzy to finish him, that I think I’ll be taking the Blue Blob instead. Unless I quickly cast on the Copper Pennies yarn for a pair of Pomatomus. But that would be nuts.  Or would it?

Happy Thanksgiving!