We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving feast, and I hope you did, too. Since we were going to someone else’s house, I wanted to have a knitting project to take along in case there was opportunity, something fairly simple. Ravelry had introduced me to the wonders of Mochimochiland, and I started making a Bob from the generous selection of  free patterns (scroll down a bit).

Well! Once you start a Bob, you can’t stop!

Bob in process

Here’s the first one, about halfway done, with the ball of yarn stuffed in to show his shape.  He was done before we left for the dinner, so I brought along the Blue Blob and got a couple of rows done. I’m now up to Row 58, but the rows get bigger after every 4th one, and there at least 165 total, depending on how wide I make the border.

Anyway, there was a a good bit of yarn leftover after the first Bob, so I made another one
Studious Bob

and they are enjoying some time together before they get packaged up as Christmas presents.

Bobs exploring

Since one is going all the way to Washington, DC, they may not get many opportunies to practice their secret handshake.

Secret handshake

Mochimochiland will soon have a sheep pattern for sale, and there are some other very cute patterns already in the shop.  Make some toys for someone you love, or just delight your inner child!