Go look at Lisa’s page to see the exceedingly gorgeous pair of socks she has made from my Bamboo Forest  bamboo blend yarn as a birthday present for Jennifer. Lisa tells the whole story much better than I would, but suffice it to say that it’s been darned hard to keep this a secret, especially since the sock delivery got delayed a few weeks!  The pattern will be available Real Soon Now (I’ll let you know where and when as soon as I do), and as for the yarn . . .  well, I just happen to have several skeins of it lolling around my house and would be happy to sell it it you via  my Etsy shop.

You Jane

Lisa calls the pattern You Jane,  ’cause it’s kinda jungly and girly.  There are even a few discreet bits of bling, in the form of beads on the cuff.  I can’t wait to knit myself a pair.

PS — the November free shipping special to my blog readers is still running.  Just type “Blog Special” in the Comments to Seller box during the Etsy transaction, and I’ll refund the shipping charges to the same Paypal account you paid from.  This special ends November 30.