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Shipping department

Here’s the result of the recent flurry of commerce: two scarves and a skein of yarn to go in the mail, and two skeins of yarn I’ll deliver to my friend and fellow Whipstick Knitter, Susan when we meet for lunch Wednesday. Where are we going, Susan?

Eyes wide open

Saturday was a lovely brisk fall day,  sunny with a light breeze, so we decided to drive up to Bellingham, via Chuckanut Drive. We ended up in Fairhaven, the charming shopping district south of town, and found a nice yarn store, although the name of it escapes me. Anyone who knows what it is gets 10 points. I managed to not buy any yarn, but we did get two bags of books at Eclipse Books, a very nice used bookstore across the street from the yarn shop. A tasty lunch at Fool’s Onion fortified us for the trip home.

The wheels of commerce had been grinding while we were out driving, and I was delighted to discover that a compete stranger bought a skein of yarn at my Etsy Shop. And today, another complete stranger bought a scarf! This Internet thing has possibilities.

This afternoon my Ravelry invitation arrived. That is one amazing place! Being able to easily find photos of other people’s version of a pattern I might be considering is fabulous, and there are clearly umplumbed depths to the thing. I’m “Moominmama” over there, although I don’t have anything posted yet.

I am very happy to announce that my Etsy shop Damselfly Yarns is now open for business! It’s stocked with all the dyed skeins that I currently have available, and will have new items added as they are created. My goal is to add new items every week. If there is a color scheme you’d like to see, please let me know and I’ll give it a try. You’d be under no obligation to buy, but I’ll give you a head’s up when it’s posted so you’ll have an early look at it.

As a November special to my blog readers, I’ll waive shipping charges — just put “November Blog Special” in the “comments to seller” box during the check-out process, and I’ll refund the shipping charges to the same PayPal account you are paying from. This offer ends November 30th.

My yarn is also now available at Main Street Yarn in Mill Creek, Washington, if you prefer that bricks-and-mortar experience.

Here’s the bale of wooly goodness that I delivered:

Say cheese!

Marie had ordered 3 skeins each of 8 different colorways, or 24 skeins.  I dyed an additional 9 skeins in autumnal colors and said she could trade out any of her original order if she wanted to get any of those skeins — and she just went ahead and bought them all! “I hope it flies out the door, ” I said as I was leaving.  “Oh, yarn doesn’t fly, it creeps,” she said patiently.  But we agreed that rainy days make for lots of yarn sales, so I remain hopeful.

In related news, I donated a skein of yarn to the WeaveCast Auction, which is raising funds to send Syne Mitchell to Convergence 2008, the biannual national weavers conference. There is a nice assortment of fiber related items up for auction: handwoven things, handmade jewelry, tools, books, magazines, an ounce of Qiviut fiber, and of course some mighty fine sock yarn! The photo of my yarn makes it look very blue-green — it’s actually one of the light-to-darker blue skeins on the top right of the pile above and has an icy quality to it.  Do check out the auction — it ends November 15, 10pm Pacific Standard time.

Oh, just hangin’ out

A busy week dyeing here, and I hope to make my delivery at the yarn shop tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t these skeins make a cozy and colorful shower valence?

Back to work: a costume crisis to fix for the play my daughter is in, making labels for the yarn, and, if I get enough done on everything else, listing more yarn at my Etsy shop.