Hot spinning action

The St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In was a great success! This event was so well-attended that late arrivals couldn’t find space to set up their wheels, and they are looking for a larger venue.

A wheelAnother wheelYoung drop spindler

There were wheels aplenty, in all sorts of shapes and sizes (click to biggify).  The young man on the right avidly watching the drop spindle was happy to turn it for his mom: “Turn it the regular way  . . . now this time, turn it the other way . . .”

Prettiest wheel I’ve ever seen!

This wheel was amazing! There are dried flowers embedded in plastic on wheel,  and also butterflies and bees.  It is a Betty Roberts wheel and her work has quite a following, deservedly so. There is even a Yahoo group dedicated to them.

I did well enough with my yarn sales to treat myself to a couple of purchases.  This niddy noddy is perhaps the prettiest niddy noddy in the world, certainly in my house, since I did not have one at all.  It’s handmade, and was in the booth next to mine.  I saw it from across the tables, and thought, “Oh, my!  That must be ast least $70, being handcarved from some lovely wood, and all.”  Turns out it was $20, and came into the dealer’s hands  with a bunch of stuff that came along with a used loom. She didn’t know any more about it.

Niddy noddy resting, in fact, nodding off

It’s had some adventures in its life, and has a blotch of ink here and some spots where the finish has worn off there, but it’s light-weight and lovely to use.  I put it to work right away holding the yarn I plied.

Another vendor was selling this:

Ah, cashmere!

Oh, my.  Locally produced cashmere from her own herd of goats. Breezy Meadow Cashmere Farm is in Bellingham, Washington, and sells fiber, yarn, animals, soap, chickens, and eggs. They don’t have an formal internet shop for the fiber products, but if you email them (link on their website), I would hope they’d be happy to sell by mail. Roberta explained to me some of the problems of getting cashmere processed into yarn, and her insistance on high quality work from any mill she deals with. I feel that this is a product that is truly outstanding, and would recommend whole-heartedly.  Not cheap, but then I wouldn’t want it to be.

Ah, cashmere!

They have both brown and white cashmere yarn, and also cashmere/merino and cashmere/silk blends

Ah, cashmere!

plus ready-to-spin fiber.

Soooo sooooft

Softer than a bunny’s ear, softer than a baby’s cheek, or a kitten’s tail, or anything else you can think of.