Today is the  one year blogiversary of Moominmama’s Memoirs.  What began as a lark, a “because everyone has one and it looks like fun” project, has had the following results:

I made a lot of new friends,  one of whom I have actually met in person,

I started a tiny cottage industry , with some wonderful practical help from a so far unmet-in-real-life friend, and have sold yarn to complete strangers,

I got involved with a major time-sink,

I finished more knitting projects than I have could have imagined, and have . . . err . . . a  few more in the works, thanks to the inspiration I find in reading other folks’ blogs.

Thank you for making my day every time I check my blog stats and see that, yes, people are actually reading this thing, on purpose even.  Thank you for commenting, writing your blogs, and being creative in so many ways and sharing it with the world.

Let’s have some cake!

Mmmmm, yarncake. . .