The thing about having a teenager in the house is that they can get you do things you’ve never done before, but perhaps should do again.  My daughter has turned 18, and was agitating for us to go the the party caucus yesterday. “Don’t you know your vote won’t count unless you go to the caucus?” (Washington State Democrats can go to a caucus to elect  delegates, and also vote in the primary, but the primary elects nothing, no one, nada. Don’t get me started.).

“Well, we’ll go if you go.”

“But I have homework. . . .”

“So do we.” (My homework included knitting.  It’s work, and I do it at home.)

Similar fierce negotiation ended with us all going, and it was rather inspiring.

Long tail

The line to get in stretched down the street.

No smoke in this room

The population of the room we were in ebbed and flowed — as it got too crowded, another precinct would split off and go to another room in the building.  Our precinct drew about 50 people.

Is that sock yarn in your pocket, or . . .

I brought some knitting, and Bonnie’s second sock got a look at democracy in action. Kinda slow and tedious at times, but rewarding in the end, rather like knitting socks. Our precinct broke on pretty much the same lines as the state as a whole — we’re sending 3 delegates for Obama and 2 for Clinton on to the county convention. I noticed, as we discussed things in our circle, that local Democrats are all about comfortable shoes. No pointy toes or fashion forward styles here, just sensible, comfortable footwear.