Bonnie’s socks being finished, washed, blocked, and praised at the Seaview meeting, there was nothing left to do but deliver them.

Here they are settling into place on Bonnie’s feet
Socks kick up their heels

and here is Bonnie, modeling them in her kitchen — she likes them!  In fact, she loves them.

These socks are made for wearing

Note all the lovely handwoven hand towels piled up on the right.  This woman is a serious hand towel collector.

Spending time with Bonnie always involves stretching the mind and doing some color work. 

So many colors

I got to choose just which shade of red is red to me to make my personal color wheel for the Gamp for All Seasons Horoscope Weaving that Bonnie prepared the calculations for.  Dare I say that I have a goal of getting this weaving done by the end of the year?  I have to get back up to speed on the loom first, and have a couple of small projects in mind.  Watch this space.

And speaking of weaving, click over to see the first issue of WeaveZine, Syne Mitchell’s latest online venture. Not content with having the world’s first weaving podcast, WeaveCast,  she’s also created the world’s first online weaving magazine. The woman is unstoppable!