Last night

Downright mean, in fact.

My basket filled with snow

The snow came back thick and heavy last night, and this morning


there was a measured total of 4 inches on my front steps.

Hidden hyacinth

Not normal, I’m telling you.

Downtrodden daphne

It’s got to be hard on the plants that have starting acting like it’s really spring.

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

But mightn’t a cold snap sweeten up the rhubarb stalks?

Tonight we’re going to a fund raising dinner for the Friends of the University of Washington Libraries, an event I’m on the planning committee for. As a group, the committee has decided to dress in spring colors for the event.  I do have some nice spring colored sweaters, but I’m telling you , the open-toed sandals are staying home this year.