In honor of Earth Day, and because I hate to let a good marketing opportunity go by, I’ve posted a couple of Earth Day Specials at my Etsy shop.

A bundle of BFL roving, colorway Grass, for $12 instead of $15 until Wednesday,

Wooly goodness

and a skein of sock yarn with a story that began here, colorway Ivy, only for sale until I log back in on Wednesday, because it’s not on any of my usual base yarns, and if it doesn’t find a nice home quickly, I think I’ll make it into socks.

For love of Ivy

I’ve also some great new base yarns: BFL superwash, SeaCell/Merino superwash, and Merino laceweight.  If you haven’t looked lately, I’ve uploaded a lot of new items, and more to come this week and next.

And the offer regarding the free WrapSack (scroll to the end) is still on!