I’ve been commissioned to do 34 skeins of yarn for a sock club based out of a yarn shop —  I’m keeping the details secret until the finished yarn arrives at the shop  —  and am awaiting delivery of the base yarn today.  FedEx tracking says it left the local warehouse at 3:52 am, so it should be along pretty soon.  While I wait, I’m getting ready by cutting choke ties, 4 for each skein.

Cut string

I do this by putting a 30 inch length of pearl cotton on a ruler, cut it,  build up a pile of 30 inch pieces, and then cut them into 10 inch pieces.

Pile of string

That ought to be enough, and if it isn’t, I’ve got plenty of pearl cotton.

There was a great sounding recipe for halibut in the paper Sunday, and I made it last night.

Just for the halibut

Wowza!  Fresh halibut slow baked in a bath of olive oil, on a bed of seasonal vegetables, then cloaked in a hollandaise-type sauce, made from the olive oil used for baking the fish.  The sauce came out thinner than I would have liked, I think because I scooped up some of the fish juices along with the oil, which no doubt thinned it.  Next time I’ll be more careful.