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Last year, I posted pictures of the alliums in the front perennial bed, and I’m happy to have them back again this year.

With the wet and nasty June we’ve been having, they are leaning down a bit, but are as round and purple as one could wish.  I bought them some bling to keep them company — the green globe in the background above is part of set of three blown glass, solar powered garden lights that I snapped up at Costco.

Globular theme

Here they are hanging out with the euphorbia and vigorously self-sowing hardy geranium — not only are the globes multicolored, but the lights themselves change colors every few seconds, making for a delighful garden accent in the dark of night.


Sarah is on fire, knitting-wise!  She’s finished one Got Mud? sock already.  But the real question is, will she get the other done before the Stitch-n-Pitch and wear them there, or keep one unfinished sock in reserve to knit on that day?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Sock on leg

Sarah posted some pictures in my group  on Ravelry of the yarn club sock in progress, and kindly let me grab them to share here.  Above, she models her progress so far – the pattern is Chevron, by Charlene Schurch, from Sensational Knitted SocksSarah picked it to reference the zig-zag of the shapes of the baseball diamond — what fun! And note her classy matching pants.

Sock bling

One of the shop owners teamed up with a customer/Mud Hens fan to make these cool stitch markers.

Winding yarn

And here’s Ruth, sister of one of the owners,  getting ready to wind a skein of Got Mud into a center-pull ball. That’s my yarn, in a place I’ve never been!  How cool is that?

Infinite possibilities

This June marks a turning point in my wee cottage industry.  I am offering a yarn club for the first time, and also running a paid ad campaign on Ravelry, the remarkable database/social networking site for knitters and  crocheters. Will this take my sales to the next level, or just keep it trickling along through the hot months of summer when yarn sales traditionally dip?  We shall see.

And no, I’ll not be painting yarn with water colors, it’s just a fun image I came up with to express the idea of yarns ready to become anything.

By the way, Ravelry used to have a waiting list to get in that took two weeks or longer — it’s down to about a day now.