What have I been doing?  Well, there’s been some knitting, some dyeing, some shipping of yarn to my yarn club (6 members — whee!), some weeding (but never enough), and the usual day-to-day stuff, but the big preoccupation the past few weeks has now gone live, available at an internet tube near you.

My husband, writer Greg Bear, has a new book coming out in August, City at the End of Time.  We decided to plunge into an internet-based viral marketing sort of thing to help get the word out about the book, publishers not always doing such a good job of that these days. So click over to Cityattheendoftime.com and wander around.  With the able technical assistance of amazing web-guru Terran McCanna, who also does fabulous beadwork, we’ve created a series of interlinking webpages that gives a taste of the book, offers a couple of opportunities for reader-created content to be posted, and we hope  piques interest and drives the multitudes to the bookstores or your favorite online bookseller.  One such, The Signed Page, is doing pre-orders for personalized signed copies, even as we speak. Publication date is August 5th.

We’ll be at the San Diego ComicCon and the 2008 WorldCon, Denvention 3, passing out buttons, t-shirts, and very cool MOO mini-cards, so if you are there too, please say hi!

Oh, you wanted to have more fiber-related content?  Here’s a picture of the June yarn for the yarn club, called Blushing Apricot:

Ripe and ready to knit

Ripe and ready to knit

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