It wasn’t supposed to end this way.  In August I wrote about knitting a square to go into a recover-from-surgery-blanket for another independent yarn dyer that I knew slightly from Ravelry, Colleen of Spiffy Knits.  She was supposed to wrap herself in this lovingly made blanket and grow back the 60% of her liver that was removed in cancer surgery and go on to have a long, full life. But the cancer was relentless, and she died October 17.  She left behind her husband and two young children, aged 2 and 5, as well as extended family and loved ones around the world, plus the community of dyers and fiber folk who only knew her online, like me.

And all we can do is remember her, and do the things we do with fiber in a way that will help a tiny bit.  The online sales co-op she was a member of,  Tiny Lady Cooperative,  is organizing a fundraising sale and auction, and the dyers and spinners and knitter have donated lovely items.  I’ve dyed three skeins of sock yarn, and am calling it  Colleen’s Green, because that was her favorite color.

Colleen's Green

As I write, it isn’t posted yet, so I don’t know if it will be in the  Donations and Doorprizes  section or the Yarns and Fiber section. The sale and auction will run from October 28 though November 4, and I hope you are able to participate.  (Update: Look here for my yarn, and many other beautiful items.)

All money raised will go into a college fund for Colleen’s children, Anneke and Fritz.  Such little people to have such a loss! It isn’t fair, but together we can help a tiny bit.