We had a lovely time on our quick trip back east. Boskone was grand, a nice-sized SF convention of the old school, with enough people that you weren’t always seeing the same faces at every event, yet not so big that you couldn’t count on running into everyone you knew.

The Knit-A-Long with the Boskone yarn I dyed went very well. We first met on Saturday, and folks could buy yarn if they wanted — and boy, did they! I brought the 12 skeins of Boskone yarn and about 12 more skeins of other colorways, and the money was flying fast and furious. As Greg put it, “They were shoving $20 bills at you and you weren’t even taking your clothes off!” But then it settled down and we started knitting.


Here are Priscilla and Edie casting on for Calorimetry and Lisa looks on as she winds her sock yarn into a ball. By Sunday,Edie had finished

and Lisa had knitted quite a lot of a toe-up. no-purl Monkey sock!

Saturday also featured the book launch (with dessert!) for  Volume 1 of NESFA Press’ new anthology of my father’s short work, titled Call Me Joe, as well as the first two volumes of their Roger Zelazny anthologies.


Here we are with some of the editorial and production staff.

Monday morning found us on the train to New York.  What a great way to travel!  We had a good view of the Coast Guard sailing  barque Eagle as we passed through New London, Connecticut — I just love that they still have sail training.  Not even the Navy does that anymore.


More later  . . .