What is it with collaborative art installations and trees? I participated in one a couple of years ago that sprouted and disappeared at Burning Man, and now here’s another one, called The Tree Project that will grow in Huntsville, Alabama  this spring.   Mona in my weaving guild heard about  it, and some of us decided to send leaves.  Here are mine, made from lightly felted handwoven fabric, embellished with ribbons, sequins, and beads.

Leaves and their envelope

Leaves and their envelope

It’s great fun to see other leaves that have been sent in, as well as pictures of the framework that forms the tree.

The stated deadline is March 15, but Mona checked with the organizer and apparently that’s a bit flexible. So if you are moved to make a leaf out of pretty much any weather-resistant fiber, go for it and send it in!

I just love the ribbon I used on the left-hand leaf.  It’s a shot-taffeta wire-edged ribbon by Midori.  They have an outlet store in Seattle that has a sale once a month — if you live in the area, get on their mailing list for details.

Update:  The Midori outlet sale is the first Friday of every month.  If you join their Facebook Fan page, you’ll get the latest scoop.