I’m busily making carded batts to take to the Whidbey Spin-In.  The ever-generous Mary B. (also known as The Other Mary Black) has lent me her drum carder again, so I’m happily blending color and texture. I acquired some carbonized bamboo that is pretty nifty, and am blending it with silk and Merino wool.


From left, carbonized bamboo, tussah silk, Merino.


After carding on a base of BFL, here I’m applying the bamboo directly to the main drum. I find that this works well with these very fine fibers that are already in a parallel alignment. I also do this with the silk.  After building up about three layers, each composed of  Merino, bamboo, and silk, I top it off with a little more Merino, then take it off the drum.


Mmm, fiber!

Here’s my batt inventory so far:

Going batty
Going batty

Most of them are BFL/silk blends.  The carbonized bamboo is so dark that it can’t be used in brighter colors.  These batts aren’t going into my Etsy shop, but if any interest you, let me know and we’ll make it happen.  They are $5. per ounce and run about 2 ounces each, with the price prorated to actual weight.