I had a Friends of UW Libraries meeting yesterday afternoon, and since Greg was out of town, decided to treat myself to dinner out afterwards at Serious Pie,  Tom Douglas’ fabulous pizza joint.  The tables there are mostly sturdy, tall, wooden rectangles that seat six, and the staff will put smaller parties together at these if they are busy, which is pretty much all the time. I was seated at one end of  the table with two guys seated facing each other at the other end, and we cheerily said “Hi,” but they were deep in conversation about local bands — they seemed to be band managers, or promoters.  Then another guy was seated opposite me, and we struck up a conversation — he works for  Cruise West, so we talked about the cruise business, Antarctica, libraries, digitization of assets thereof, etc.  Then a couple was seated in the middle seats, and the topics shifted to downtown living, downtown restaurants, movies, movie theaters, which pizza was that  and how was it . . . the two guys on the end joined in for a while before they left, another couple was seated at that end, and so on. It was a delightful way to dine, and I heartily recommend it.

I had the  fava beans, local radishes, and miner’s lettuce salad and the roasted chanterelles and truffle cheese pizza.  Forgot my camera, so no pictures. The salad was delectable, peppery and spring-like. The pizza, as usual, is to swoon over: the wood fired crust, crispy with a hint of char, artfully selected and combined toppings, the whole refined yet rustic.

Oh, and not only are they open for lunch now, but have a great happy hour special of  half-size pies for $5!