And why didn’t I like using the removable zip ties for skeins of yarn being dyed?

Their tails, or maybe snouts, got tangled up in the yarn, making extra work to get the skein to lie nicely. See left, below.

zip ties 001 small

Also, they tended to fall to the bottom of the skein when it was lifted up, and then stay clustered together rather than being nicely spaced around the skein.  See right, above.

Additionally, they weren’t easy to reopen — the tab to press down to release the zippy part was tiny, tiny.  I spent more time fussing with them that it would have taken to tie a piece of string. to begin with.  Sometimes one just wouldn’t  release at all, forcing me to cut it, which negated the whole point.

On the plus side, I now have a supply of nicely dyed zip ties I can use in the garden.

zip ties 002 small

I can dye some for you too — they don’t even have to be green!