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I saw this root at the grocery the other day — it’s fresh turmeric.

Turmeric 002 small

A pinkie sized root ended up costing about 19 cents, certainly a cheap price for a new taste treat.  Peeled and eaten raw, it’s like a carrot in texture but with a much zingier taste.  I chopped it fine and used it instead of dried turmeric in my favorite cauliflower recipe, Everyday Cauliflowerby Madhur Jaffrey.

Turmeric 003 small

This is a tangy party in your mouth, with ginger, cayenne, coriander, asafetida, green chilis — oh yeah, and cauliflower, too!

I’ve been dyeing some self-striping yarn by winding a bigger diameter skein, dyeing 28 inches of it one color, and the remainder another — when knitted in  a typical sock configuration, you get one row of the first color, followed by two rows of the other.  There are various ways of doing this, but here’s a particularly fun method and colorway that I’ve developed.

blue and purple yarn 001 small

First I make a very hot vinegared dyebath in a purple that I’ve mixed from red and blue dye. The longer section of the skein goes into this while I’m holding the shorter section out of the water.

blue and purple yarn 003 small

The red dye and much of the blue strikes on the skein as purple, but there is some blue left in the dyebath.

blue and purple yarn 004 small

Dropping in the remaining undyed section of the skein allows it to start soaking up the blue.

blue and purple yarn 005 small

The purple section is still taking up a little of the blue as well.  This makes for a very interesting and nuanced purple.

blue and purple yarn 007 small

Since I wanted to reuse the pot of water, I then steamed the yarn to make sure the dye got throughly fixed.  Here’s the skein as it’s cooling down after steaming.

A bonus is that there’s still a little blue left in the dyebath, because I didn’t let the skein cool in it and absorb those last few molecules of blue dye. 

blue and purple yarn 006 small

So I can take another skein of yarn and drop it in to soak up those last bits. It’s a prettier pale blue in person, and may stay that color, or get overdyed to deepen the color.  So many choices!

I finished the small sock that I started on World Wide Knit in Public Day. It’s another Wee Tiny Sock, done with no changes this time, just simple and easy.

blue sock and roses 001 small

Nothing quite matched it in the garden at the moment, but it goes nicely with this purple something-or-other.

I now have three tiny socks.  Sock Summit lasts 4 days, so perhaps I need a different sock  pin for each day?

The pink striped rose is now in quite full bloom, and it scents the whole front yard.

blue sock and roses 005 small

You don’t even have to take time to smell the roses, they come and get you!  But taking a moment to stick your nose into a bloom is just divine.

I went down to Main Street Yarns yesterday to do my duty on World Wide Knit in Public Day. It also seemed to be World Wide Run Past Knitters in Public Day, because there were a lot of runners and joggers out enjoying the sunshine and taking a shortcut through the space we were in.

knit in public 002 smallest

There were knitters, crocheters, spinners, and a couple of patient hangers-on.  The gentleman on the right in the back was escorting his teen-age daughter, to his left.  She was knitting an exquisite stranded colorwork sweater, and he was asking about what other people were doing, and getting educated about the challenges of knitting lace in public, with cotton thread, which the woman in the left foreground with  the black baseball cap was doing.  Knitted cotton lace curtains, can you imagine?  If I were putting that much effort into something, I’d want to wear it. On the other hand, lace curtains you can look at every day,  and lace shawls are not so practical for wearing while doing  household chores.

The girl on the right foreground was crocheting a cute,  simple amigurimi pattern that I think was a freebie from Michael’s. It was great to see such a wide age spectrum represented.  Probably every decade from 10s to 60s was out there.

I didn’t have anything on the needles to grab and go with, so started yet another small sock.  It’s almost done.

knit in public 003 small

If you didn’t knit in public yesterday, it’s not too late — WWKIPD is also today and next weekend as well.

I’ve dyed up the last of the SeaCell yarn base, in preparation for my booth at Sock Summit.  These are all semi-solids. The lower one here is really shades of pink, not orange.

seacell 001 small


seacell 002 small

Four colors today, four colors yesterday, below.

seacell 005 small

Tomorrow I think I’ll do my last few skeins of silk/wool blend, then plunge into BFL and merino/nylon superwash for the duration.  Oh, and call Kraemer to see how the backorder of Sterling is doing — I’d sure like to have more of that.