I went down to Main Street Yarns yesterday to do my duty on World Wide Knit in Public Day. It also seemed to be World Wide Run Past Knitters in Public Day, because there were a lot of runners and joggers out enjoying the sunshine and taking a shortcut through the space we were in.

knit in public 002 smallest

There were knitters, crocheters, spinners, and a couple of patient hangers-on.  The gentleman on the right in the back was escorting his teen-age daughter, to his left.  She was knitting an exquisite stranded colorwork sweater, and he was asking about what other people were doing, and getting educated about the challenges of knitting lace in public, with cotton thread, which the woman in the left foreground with  the black baseball cap was doing.  Knitted cotton lace curtains, can you imagine?  If I were putting that much effort into something, I’d want to wear it. On the other hand, lace curtains you can look at every day,  and lace shawls are not so practical for wearing while doing  household chores.

The girl on the right foreground was crocheting a cute,  simple amigurimi pattern that I think was a freebie from Michael’s. It was great to see such a wide age spectrum represented.  Probably every decade from 10s to 60s was out there.

I didn’t have anything on the needles to grab and go with, so started yet another small sock.  It’s almost done.

knit in public 003 small

If you didn’t knit in public yesterday, it’s not too late — WWKIPD is also today and next weekend as well.