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These small socks are quite addictive to make!  Since one was clearly not enough I made another one, in some test yarn from when I was developing my Pink Tulip Tree colorway.

Best picked in the morning hours

Best picked in the morning hours

This is the Wee Tiny Sock  pattern by Emily Ivey, and features a wee ribbed cuff, and a wee heel flap.  I added the wee cables.

The rose is either Fernand Pichard or Honorine de Brabant — there has been discussion in the comments about this.

My,  I do seem to be on a buying binge lately.  First a clock, and now a full-size sheet pan.  Costco has these beauties for about $7.  The lady behind me at the checkout helpfully said, “That may not fit in your oven,”  and she was right, but it’s not going into my oven,  it’s  for making handpainted yarn on.

No leaks

No leaks

Here it is  holding two skeins of in-progress Northern Lights yarn — the dip into deep navy blue dye followed.  Works  a treat!

Hybrid technology is not just for cars. I was shopping for a new alarm clock, because Greg was truly tired of hearing the ticking of my old one, and found this boxy thing:


Silent night

Silent night

It has both batteries and tiny solar panels. And best of all, no noise until the alarm goes off.

Someone 0n Ravelry suggested that folks traveling to Sock Summit make little knitted socks to wear as lapel pins on the journey, so we can identify each other and also spread the word about the delights of sock knitting.

tiny sock 001 small

So here is my teeny tiny sock, out of Blue Faced Leicester yarn on my It’s Easy Being Green colorway,  another skein available in my Etsy shop.  Adorable, no?  It has a teeny tiny short row heel

tiny sock 002 small

and a teeny tiny kitchenered toe.  The ankle area was not so teeny tiny, so I took a couple of stitches in it, which give it a charming quasi-medieval look, I think.

Sock Summit is going to be grand!  I’ll be a vendor there, and am dyeing (for me) vast quantities of yarn to take.  See you there?