I made this Jacob’s Ladder Seaman’s Scarf for a friend of ours who is a captain on tugboats along the Pacific Coast.

I knit scarves and hats for the Seaman’ s Church Institute ‘s Christmas at Sea program, which gives them to merchant mariners in US ports during December.  It was nice to knit  seaman’s scarf for a seaman I actually knew!

I love the way the cables twist up the sides.  This was a good opportunity to use the cabling without a cable needle technique, as explained by Grumperina.  It is brilliant, give it a try!

If you look closely at the picture of the whole scarf, you’ll see that there are two different colors of yarn.  I truly did not notice this until well along on the second color! So the neck ribbing and  one front panel are reddish brown and the other panel is plain brown for the bottom half.  In self defense, I can only say that I grabbed the yarn balls out of the basket quickly, and did much of the knitting while traveling with Greg on his book tour, so indifferent light conditions much of the time.  But the scarf  is still warm to wear.