I went to the St. Distaff’s Day Spin-In again, and had a pretty good sales day.  Interestingly, this year it was the merino/tencel rovings that were selling well, not the blended batts.  Mysterious are the ways of buyers.  Also, the Sterling yarn was popular. 

I bought 3 raffle tickets for $5, and put all the tickets in the cup for one basket — which I won! What caught my eye was the great greeny-bluey merino/tencel roving from Lavender Sheep, colorway “Columbia River”, paired with a very silly and fun commercial novelty yarn.

Isn’t that great?  I think they’ll be very fun plyed together, or knitted as one.

But wait!  There was more  . . . When I unpacked the basket, there was a bounty of other stuff.

Pale green Colonial superwash roving from Great Balls of Fiber,  a pattern for a neat purse to make from quilting fabric, cool fiber and wood purse handles from the Philippines, a needle gauge, a magnetic purse clasp, bottle of body wash in the scent Snickerdoodle, and a fabulous carded batt from Crystal Creek Fibers. This baby is HUGE!

I was thinking it was merino/tencel, but looking at her shop, I see she does silk blends also, which it could well be.  I’ll write and ask.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing raffle prize!  I am astounded at the wonderfulness of it.  Even  the basket is nice.