Last year, I dyed a custom colorway for the science fiction convention Boskone, and it was such a success that we decided to do it again this year.  Priscilla Olson of the Boskone committee and I designed a colorway that was inspired by the dark hard SF written by this year’s Guest of Honor,  Alastair Reynolds. I’m calling it  Star Field, and here is how I make it.

First, I wind a skein of Sterling yarn into a ball.

Then I find both the inner and outer end of the yarn

and machine knit a rectangle using both ends of the ball of yarn.

The result is a knitted sock blank, a canvas to paint on whatever I choose.

I can paint two at time. Here’s my sample for reference, and painting of two more  in progress

Two finished sock blanks — next steps are steaming, cooling,  rinsing, drying.

In the  Damselfly Yarns fulfillment area (the nice table in my office) the finished blanks are labeled.

Here’s a view of three blanks, laid out so you can see the full effect.

Since the blanks are knitted double,  socks can be knitted that have identical gradations of colors.  Or, a scarf can be knitted that will be palindromic: each end one color, shifting evenly to another color in the middle.

This will be available  at Boskone in Boston , February12-14. They will selling them for the low, low price of $25 — such a deal!  After the convention, I will stock Star Field in my Etsy shop for $30.