I spent yesterday making what is perhaps the world’s most complicated ramen recipe, from  the cookbook Momofuku by David Chang and Peter Meehan. The previous day, I bought pork shoulder and rubbed with salt and sugar, then put it  in the fridge to rest overnight.  I started slow-roasting it yesterday morning, basting it with accumulated fat every  hour for 6 hours. Meanwhile, I made tare seasoning by roasting stray chicken bits (leftover wing tips I has stashed in the freezer)  until deep brown then simmering them with soy sauce, mirin, etc. Also made dashi , not the full court broth called for in the recipe, but a very good fresh dashi from seaweed and bonito flakes. Also slow simmered eggs at 145 degrees. Also cooked greens with soy, vingar, and little brown sugar. Also cooked noodles.  I did not make the noodles, the crazy bus didn’t make it quite that far.

Came dinner time, and hot noodles were divided among the bowls, hot tare-seasoned broth ladled on, hot shredded pork shoulder, greens, and shelled egg put on top, sliced fish cake slipped in on the side, a sprinkle of green onions . . .

Why, dinner was ready in an instant!